Burmese Days and Flowers by Junior Win [Kindle Edition] Maximize

Burmese Days and Flowers by Junior Win [Kindle Edition]

Burmese Days and Flowers by Junior Win [Kindle Edition]

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About the author – Junior Win, author of Walking Through the Wonderland, My Life will Go On, and 96+ Selected Articles & Essays published in Amazon.

Book Description – About the Burmese traditional Thingyan Pot which is still alive and used as a welcomed symbol of Burmese New Year when Thingyan Fesitival comes in April. Burmese Thingyan Pot also welcomes Tha-Gyar-Min; King of the celestial who comes and visits to human abode during Thingyan festival.

The author wrote and explained about the Thingyan Pot in detail, and how important seven-day-born meant to Burmese people; but not boring to read with many interesting photos and pictures which showed readers not noticing the time until the end of the book. The reader may see that seven-day-born represents not only to Thingyan Pot, but also to the Buddhists way of life.

From reading, the reader will have the knowledge of Burmese Days and Flowers which is not only for Burmese people but also for all the people around the world, who will become interested to make their own ‘Thingyan Pot’ as the author wrote. She also added her articles which concerned Burmese tradition and customs, never fail and always remember for Burmese people. If you already are her readers, you will find her thoughts and mind openly and truly gave her readers faithfully to you here again.

Copy Right (Including photos and pictures inside) – Junior Win
Copy Right – (Cover and Cartoon Illustration Inside) – Maung Yit