Junior Win - A Memory of my Grandparests: The 100th Anniversary of Khin Maung Latt & Khin Myo Chit

Author - Junior Win
Publisher – Maung Yit (Moemaka)
Title– A Memory of My Grandparents
Copy Right – Junior Win
Email – maungyit@gmail.com

About the Author – Junior Win, the author of Kindle ebooks; ‘Walking Through the Wonderland’, ‘My Life Will Go On’, and ‘Burmese Days and Flowers.’.
‘Days and Flowers of Myanmar’ from Parami Publication, and ‘My Life Will Go On’ from Yan Aung Publication in Burma.

About the book – The story of my grandparents - (U) Khin Maung Latt (Chief editor of the Working People’s Daily (1963-68), and (Daw) Khin Myo Chit (writer of Colourful Burma, Anawrahta of Burma, A Wonderland of Burmese Legends). It is to mark their hundred anniversary. It is a collection of fragments with many parts to be fixed together. I hope that my love for my grandparents, the marking their 100th anniversary on 2015, and trying to breathe life into them, and recreate the age they lived in would make up all the things I lack. I must thank my mother, for giving me information, and the old photos I missed while writing, and my father, for editing my work, and my twin brother Maung Yit, for the drawings for me.

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